Going to the gym for the first time can be a daunting experience. On top of learning how to use lots of unusual-looking machines and sporting a not so flattering Lycra workout suit, the chances are that you’ll feel intimidated by the seasoned gym experts. Fear not – we’ve rounded up three great workout tips that you should follow if you’re new to the gym!


Go with a buddy

Everything is easier when you have a companion to help you, and going to the gym is no exception. Discuss your health and fitness goals before attending the gym, and try to find time in your schedules so that you can always visit together. Working out with a friend can motivate you and make you feel more comfortable in a sometimes intimidating environment – plus, having a friend by your side means that you’ll always be covered if you accidently fall off of the treadmill when you’re running too quickly!


If you’re not sure whether or not the gym is the right place for you and your friend, then you could choose to go to a boot camp in the UK to get you back on your road to fitness. Such camps are designed for beginners and teach you everything you need to know about exercising right and losing weight. Plus, they’re perfect for groups and individuals, too, so you can go alone if none of your friends want to join you on your weight-loss journey.


Don’t overdo it

The single biggest piece of advice that you should take from this article is not to overdo it on your first visit to the gym – doing so can be dangerous. Symptoms of working too hard in the gym include chest pains, nausea, vomiting, fever and sore muscles – none of which are good for you. Be sure to pay attention during your gym induction and learn how to use each piece of equipment properly – the more you know about it, the better your workout will become.


Follow a tutorial

If the thought of planning a workout routine sends you into sweats, then consider following a workout tutorial online. Whether you’re off to the gym or you’re exercising from the comfort of your own home, it’s entirely possible to lose weight and have fun by following the advice of some experts. Fitness vloggers such as Sarah Nagel (HolisticHabits) and Yoga with Tim are fantastic for giving you a motivation boost – add a playlist of your favourite videos to your phone, and use them as inspiration when you’re ready to hit the treadmill.


Alternatives to YouTube videos include podcasts and workout playlists – both can be motivational and encourage you to work harder and smarter when you’re trying to tone your body. Be sure to look around online to find the right playlist for you, or put together your favourite music and create a playlist of your own for your next jog.


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    I trained with someone quite a bit last year it was great motivation for me. I have someone with me one day a week at the minute and it helps with safety when lifting heavy.

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      The last time I trained with you, I couldn’t move for three days! Lol 🙂

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    I follow Sarah’s journey already, it’s great and I highly recommend it.

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    Great post! Nice inclusion of training too hard, I’ve done this recently and it’s a minor set back which can be avoided.

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    I do run by myself sometimes but it’s so much easy (and safer) to run with a buddy!

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    These are some great workout tips, both for beginners and pros!

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    Yes, I find many people do too many hard days in a row trying to – #BeastMode or Kill It! You are so right and am constantly pointing out to clients we need a mix of easy and hard and not too push it too much.

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