Electronic cigarettes have dramatically grown in popularity over recent years, and many people are swapping tobacco for vapor in the bid to get their nicotine fix without any of the nasty health problems. If you’re a smoker and you haven’t made the switch yet, you should consider it – here’s why.


1. No cancer risk

I’m sure you’ve heard it before but just to be sure we’ll tell you again. Tobacco causes cancer! The chemicals in the tar in tobacco are carcinogenic, and it is estimated that 5 million people worldwide die from cancer as a result of smoking tobacco. Scary, right? Electronic cigarettes emit a vapour which doesn’t contain the high levels of cancer-causing chemicals that tobacco does, allowing you to puff away as much as you like with much less risk.


2. You’ll smell better

You don’t notice the smell of cigarettes on yourself, but trust us when we say you stink. The smell of tobacco smoke can be overpowering; everyone notices when you walk into a room after a ciggie break. The smell sticks to clothes and hair, and it lingers round the room for hours if you smoke indoors. E-cigs don’t smell at all, so you can smoke them almost anytime without worrying about being stinky.


3. You’ll be less of an outcast

Cigarette smokers are banished outdoors in any public building, which means you have to stand alone, shivering in the cold no matter what the weather. Electronic cigarettes do you give you a bit more flexibility though. Although not all public buildings allow you to smoke indoors, many do and employers are also becoming more flexible about e-cig smokers. This means you won’t have to be banished from your friends every single time you want a nicotine fix,


4. You’ll save money

If you smoke 10 cigarettes per day, you’ll be spending around £1000 per year on your habit. Let that sink in… it’s a huge amount of money! You may not notice how much it costs because it’s only a few quid each day you spend at the shop, but when you look at it annually, you’ll kick yourself for wasting so much money. Electronic cigarettes tend to cost 20 to 30% less than normal fags; that’s £2-300 per year you’ll save if you smoke 10 a day. That’s a gym membership, a weekend away, a big shopping splurge or a few of awesome nights out. Here’s a great smoking cost calculator found on the NHS website.


So, are you convinced yet? We can’t see any reason to keep smoking with e-cigs on the scene. Go on, give them a go! Your body and bank balance will thank you.


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