Achieving a better physique and improving your health is a resolution usually many of us face at the beginning of the New Year, let alone in February or March.


This is demonstrated by the sudden surge of gym memberships in January. According to The Independent, gyms like Gold’s Gym see an increase of as much as 40% through their doors in Q1. However, it isn’t a big surprise that by February, many of those January gym members lose whatever momentum and motivation they had and render their memberships stale. But to say that this reality is the main culprit to unsuccessful weight loss journeys is akin to making unwarranted excuses. Aside from the lack of consistent exercise, here are five things you need to remedy this year to finally shed those unwanted pounds.


1. You Aren’t Watching What You Eat

Carolyn Dunn, M.D. from the North Carolina State University believes being more mindful of your eating habits is one of the biggest contributors to weight loss. Moreover, Dunn explains that according to research the first two bites of your food are the ones you enjoy the most. Her recommendation is to enjoy the first few bites, of say a chocolate moose, and take the rest home or save it for later. Dunn also notes that purpose and awareness are key pillars that make you more mindful during meals.


2. You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

You increase your chances of binging when you run low on sleep. Men’s Fitness advisor and fitness expert Jim White details how he increases his carbohydrate intake if he doesn’t get a quality night’s sleep. When you lose sleep, you tend to overeat to compensate for your low levels of energy. Prioritising your weight loss means doing the same for your sleep.


3. You Think You Can Sweat Out a Bad Diet

For all intents and purposes, when you have poor nutrition, you will have subpar results, health and fitness-wise. Not only will your body run on the wrong fuel, but your muscles won’t be working to their optimum levels. This is something you won’t be able to sustain. You will be pushing your body for the wrong reasons and it shouldn’t come as a coincidence if you experience low energy levels or fall ill. So, adjust your diet accordingly and couple it with consistent exercise.


4. You Stick to a Workout Routine for Too Long

Even if you’re one of the few who make it past February, and consistently go to the gym, you can still struggle to get the weight off. To ensure that you are maximising your weight loss potential you should regularly change your fitness programme to avoid hitting any plateaus. After all, your body can only experience so much change doing the same thing over and over again. Changing your workouts also gives you the opportunity to assess and improve your conditioning, strength, and stamina.


5. You Fall Off the Wagon and Don’t Get Back On

There are lots of reasons to fall off the wagon. You may be coming off a holiday break or perhaps work is keeping you from hitting the gym and maintaining responsible nutritional choices. If you are trying to lose weight alone you may find it harder to get back into good habits. Push Fitness owner Joshua Steckler advises that to keep yourself on track you should surround yourself with people of the same interests and goals. This will not only keep you motivated, but you will also find like-minded individuals with whom you can compare notes and build a support group with. These moves further help you establish fitness and health as a way of life.


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