I know a personal trainer being used to help you lose weight is not a new idea. However quite often they are the last point of call. After all the diets, fads and other quick fixes.


Individuals become personal trainer to help you lose weight; it’s in the job description. So why are they the last resort? (Most of the time).


Now PTs might be on the surface the most expensive option, although once you count the costs of the diet plans, food sashes, tea bags and everything else they might entail, then it actually more often than not becomes the cheapest options.


  1. Get Confident! – If you don’t know or are nervous about doing particular exercises a qualified Personal Trainer can help. If we are honest, when we are not confident in something we will avoid it. A personal trainer can help you conquer previous fears. This helps add variety to your future workouts
  2. A work out that works for you! – A PT can help make your program more individual to you. Helping you achieve your goals rather than being the general ‘all over body’. This will again increase interest and adherence to the program
  3. Get motivated again! – Lets face it, getting up early or training after work is hard. But if you have paid a PT and someone is waiting for you it can give you the necessary push. Also having someone telling you and recording your progress is a great way of improving motivation. They will also set you goals in the short term and long term that you have agreed. If we have something to target and work for, all of us gain extra motivation
  4. Saves money! – It sounds a bit crazy. But by using a PT you can save money. As PTs are highly qualified they can help you with diets, programs and advice as part of the service. Did you know 54% of women and 42% of men drop their diets within the first month (1).  With 2.8 billion spent by Brits in 2014 (2). So if you begin with a PT they can help with motivation and programs that will realistically help you fight the flab and keep it off
  5. Break you PBs! – A personal trainer can also help you find ways breaking personal bests when training has plateaued! targeting areas that you might not have thought of. By specifically designing your programs and diets


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