When it comes to losing weight, it seems as though there are a million and one diets for you to choose from. It seems as though there is a new fad diet to choose from every single week but the thing is, not all of these fad diets are good for you. While they all work on the basic principle that fewer calories consumed will help you to lose weight, it is often not the most effective way to lose weight. The human body is an amazing thing and it can adapt to many circumstances. If you find yourself dieting while eating one particular food or following a very rigid diet plan, you may find yourself not getting the weight loss effect you had been hoping for.


When you combine different foods and different elements from a diet, it can provide better results. This is where the sum of the different parts you consume can help you to get terrific results. You need to bear in mind that different types of food are digested at very different rates within the body. This means that eating foods and following diet plans that work well together is the most sensible way to get great results.


An example of this school of thought suggests that protein and carbs should be eaten separately. This is down to the fact that they are digested by different enzymes. While one food is being digested, the other has to wait in line and medical research has indicated that this waiting can cause the food to ferment, which results in gas, feeling bloated and all manner of health problems. It is also recommended that fruit should be eaten by itself. This is because fruit is digested at a faster rate than protein or carbohydrates and again, food waiting around in your body can have a negative impact.


Spicy foods can add a kick to your diet

Of course, you don’t want to spend too much time focusing on what should be eaten separately; you want to focus on foods that can be eaten together. If you want to supercharge your weight loss campaign, you should combine protein with something spicy. Peppers and other spicy foods have the ability to boost your metabolism, which can work wonders if you are combining them with some good protein. Chicken with spicy salsa not only tastes delicious, it can provide you with a kick that spurs on your weight loss and compounds any exercise of fat burning activity you try.


High fibre foods should be mixed with water. High fibre foods by themselves can be of benefit because they help you to feel full up for longer and they can boost the levels of your blood sugar. However, taking in too much fibre without some much needed water can cause problems. This is down to the fact that too much fibre can negatively impact and cause gastrointestinal issues. The water element also assists you in feeling fuller for longer, helping you to stave off the time you have between meals.


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