While exercising is a big part of life for many people, it cannot be the only thing that people have going for them. There is a need for people to eat properly but there is also a need for people to be socially active with other people. There are many different ways in which people can engage and interact with others and alcohol definitely a strong part in many people’s social lives. Having a drink with friends can be a great way to unwind after work or to have fun but it may start to impact on the exercise routine of many people.


First of all, it is important to know that all the good work that you do in the gym or in a workout session can be undone by alcohol. A standard pint of lager is recognised to have around 240 calories in it and a glass of white wine is said to have around 130 calories in it. Depending on what sort of workout you do, a good session in the gym may be completely wiped out by the first hours’ worth of drinking you indulge in after your session.


Another conflict between alcohol and exercise comes from the way that alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream and body. This can have a negative impact on the fat that your try to burn off. This is down to the fact that the human body is not great at storing alcohol and this means it tries to get rid of alcohol as quickly as possible. This means the body works harder to expel alcohol when you want it to be burning fat or absorbing good nutrients from food. This means that drinking alcohol will get in the way of any plans that you have to get positive results from your workout session.


Alcohol will impact on your performance

It is also a fact of life that alcohol can impact on your performance. When you are still drunk or have had a few drinks, your judgment is impaired. It is best not to workout at these times. However, the morning after drinking alcohol, you are likely to be dehydrated and certainly far from your best. When working out, you should be looking to push yourself as hard as possible but the aftermath of drinking alcohol can prevent you from being able to do this.


It is still possible to enjoy alcohol and be social but you need to find the balance that works from you. If you are planning on doing a workout session, it is best to avoid alcohol the day before. Similarly, if you have long term plans to get fitter, you want to reduce your daily or weekly intake of alcohol. There are long term benefits to be gained from reducing your alcohol intake, however hard that it may seem. If you want to be healthy and to get the best from your workout sessions, make sure you keep a close eye on your alcohol intake.


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