Healthy eating is suitable for the whole family. As well as thinking about what we eat, it’s also important to think about how we eat. Families are changing and our lives are getting busier. This has undoubtedly had an impact on our eating habits.


Make sure that you and your family have a regular meal pattern. Having three meals a day is important to make sure you all get the variety and amount of food needed to have a balanced, nutritious diet. It’s also important not to go for long periods between meals, make sure you don’t get too hungry. This can help you to avoid over-eating when you have your next meal and picking at unhealthy snacks in between meals.


Healthy Eating for Children

Children under the age of five have slightly different dietary requirements to older children. They require a lot of energy (calories) relative to their size and they have small stomachs. As a result, young children need to eat more fat in order to meet their energy needs.


Remember that a child’s appetite will vary from day to day. A pattern of offering three meals and three to four snacks a day is about right. It may be better to give them a smaller portion and let them have more if they want it, rather than giving them a larger portion that they are overwhelmed by before they have even started to eat.


Eating a diet that’s slightly higher in fat doesn’t mean that children should have lots of cakes, crisps and biscuits. The early years are a time when children are learning about eating norms and are developing eating patterns, so it’s important to establish good eating habits early on.


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    My kids still have full fat milk and they’re teenagers. Got to feed them up, ha!

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