When it comes to hydration and drinking water, most people know that they should be drinking more water than they currently do. The often repeated stats about how the body is made up of more than 66% water indicate how important water is to us but for many people, this is not enough. Water can be considered as being dull or tasteless by many people and when compared to the tasty drinks that are also available on the market, it is easy to see why people don’t drink as much water as they should. This is not sensible though because drinking water regularly provides us with so many benefits and not drinking enough water places us at real risk.


Most people understand that if they don’t eat, they will be hungry and this is when they get hunger pains. However, there are many aches and pains in the human body that come around due to not drinking enough water. People who suffer from headaches, pains in their joint or even gastric ulcers may do so because they are not taking enough water on board. There is a need to take in water to ensure that acidic waste is moved away from the cells in our body. A failure to do this will see this acidic waste remaining in place and our bodies will then consider this waste to be pain, and that is when the warning signs begin.


You may be tired due to a lack of water

If you are the sort of person that continually feels tired, it may be that you are actually dehydrated. Studies indicate that even a drop of as little as 5% in the water levels in our body can cause our energy levels to drop by almost a third. Losing a little bit of water can lead to people feeling tired, to be less focused and to suffer a dip in their metabolism. If you want to have more energy, it is important to drink more water.


Some studies also indicate that people who suffer from allergies may do so because they do not drink enough water. There is a school of thought that when the body feels dehydrated, it starts to ration the water in its body. This results in a rise in histamines and a lowered level of immunity. This means that people who suffer from asthma or other allergies will be at greater risk.


One of the problems with making sure that we get enough water on board comes with the fact that everyone is different. The more weight you carry, the more water you will need to stay hydrated. It can be dangerous to say that everyone should drink so many litres of water a day because for some people this may be too much water and for other people it will be too little. A quick rule of thumb guide would be for a person that weighs 150 lbs to drink around 75 ounces of water in a day. This number can then be divided by the number of cups you want to drink it in a day and it makes sense to spread your water drinking out.


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