For an adrenaline fuelled, enjoyable and effective workout, climbing is certainly a fantastic option. What’s even better about climbing is it’s something that’s accessible for pretty much everyone and you can gradually work your way up from a beginner to professional – if you’ll excuse the pun.


However, climbing at any level or proficiency whether you’re indoor or outdoor is something you need to properly prepare for. Otherwise you risk injury or pose a danger to yourself and those around you. So to help ensure your climbing experience is the great time it should be, in this post you’ll find what you need to know before you begin.


Seek Professional Advice

First and foremost if you’re just starting out you should asses your initial fitness levels and work with an instructor to learn the ropes. Equally, if you’ve been climbing for a while and you suffer an injury only begin climbing again when you are medically fit and capable of doing so.


Get Kitted Up

Any climber will tell you that to be a success you need the best in climbing gear and clothing. The latter in particular needs to be comfy and shouldn’t inhibit how well you can move about. Again, when it comes to your gear if you’re starting out or upgrading ask instructors or other more experienced climbers what you need to get. They are a reliable source who can provide you with all you need to know about everything from ropes, to carabineers, harnesses and clamps.


Naturally, when climbing indoors you don’t need protection against the elements but if you’re outside your clothing is very important. Strong walking boots, waterproof jackets and durable helmets in particular are a must. Your best bet is to source these from specialist outdoor clothing retailers like e-outdoor.


Partner Up

By having a climbing partner you not only have someone to enjoy the experience with but also you have someone to support you and look out for you.


Don’t Rush Into Anything

Before you start you can get a lot of nervous energy in anticipation of your climb, so it’s important you don’t get over-excited and rush. Even the most experienced climbers can be guilty of this at times, but you need to remember that climbing is about planning and taking it steady to effectively and efficiently reach your goals.


So, if you take on board this advice and get yourself fully prepared, all there’s left to do is get working those muscles and complete your climbs!


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