No More Expensive Day Passes


When it comes to staying fit and healthy, routine is the key. As rigid as it can seem to some people, a food plan can really help you to stay on track. As well as enabling you to stick with a healthy eating plan, it can also help you to work out what you need on your weekly shopping. No more impulse purchases or wandering aimlessly around the supermarket. Ultimately this will save you pounds in weight and money! Everyone’s a winner.


Whilst a healthy diet can definitely help shred any excess weight as well as maintaining your desired measurements, exercise also plays such an important part.


It’s all about routine. If you know your movements at the start of a week in terms of work shift patterns, clubs, appointments etc then you know what your free time slots are where you can plan your exercise. Check your gym’s fitness class timetable and see if any classes fall into your free time slots. Perhaps an early morning or lunchtime swim would suit. Again, both local and gym pools usually have a time table that you can check against for general swim sessions.


For some it’s definitely more of a challenge to find these time slots and if you work unusual hours it can be almost impossible to attend main stream fitness classes. This is where a bit of creativity or home workout may be required. There’s some great home gym equipment available and it doesn’t need to cost you the earth.


If you don’t make that plan at the start of the week, the chances are your exercise is the first thing that will be sacrificed. There’s no denying that it’s so easy to fall out of good habits like exercising!


So how on earth do you plan or manage any kind of routine when travelling?


Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, sticking to a healthy routine can be tough when you are away from home. Not having access to your own kitchen to prepare meals or access to your gym can mean that each time you go away, you have to work twice as hard when you return because of the ‘lapse’ that has happened while you were away. This can be quite disheartening for the regular traveller as a realistic weekly routine can be difficult to establish.


Gym Nomad think they have the answer for the health conscious traveller! Recently launched in Amsterdam, Gym Nomad will help you to find a fitness class or facility that suits you during your travels. No expensive day passes and no long term contracts. Simply sign up for a Gym Nomad account. Enter the city you are visiting, the length of your stay and the fitness activity you are looking for. Gym Nomad will then do the search for you. When you decide on which option is the right one for you, book it and you will be given a Gym Nomad booking ID which you will show when you arrive at the gym.


How cool is this concept? No more excuses and for the lone business traveller, this gives a great opportunity to make use of spare time instead of sitting in a hotel room or hotel bar! I can see Gym Nomad being a great success and look forward to it heading to the UK in the future.


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