Running is the easiest form of exercises to loose weight and stay fit. Now you don’t have to take a membership in any gym as running is absolutely free and the most important part is, it helps you to burn more calories than any other exercises. You only need to have a pair of running shoes, a water bottle and your favourite Mp3 player (if you are a music lover).


Running regularly helps you to keep heart disease, diabetes and stroke at a bay. It also helps you to feel energetic and reduce your weight (if you are overweight). However there are some running tips for beginners to avoid mistakes and make running enjoyable for the newbie.


Start your journey by taking small steps

First start walking for 15-20 minutes a day or till the time you feel comfortable. When you find yourself walking easily for continuous 30 minutes then you can start running at a minimum speed. You need to do warm up exercises before starting a run, like brisk walking, spot jogging or climbing the stairs. However one has to keep in mind that running slowly at the beginning and then increasing your speed will help you to avoid any form of injury and make running enjoyable. If you do find yourself with a foot injury, we recommend you look at to put yourself in expert hands.


Don’t eat heavy food before your running schedule

If you run with a full stomach, you might feel tired and nauseous. But you can definitely have a snack-like salad, smoothies, protein shakes or a banana.


Have plenty of water

Hot and sultry weather results in excessive sweating and excessive sweating results in dehydration. So drink lots of water before, after and in middle of run. Drink 2 to 3 litres of water every day, even when you are not running, as dehydration can affect your run.


Sign up to a 10k or 5k run

We recommend the 5k or 10k run at Basingstoke. Two perfect distances if you’re new to running. Signing up to an event like this one at Basingstoke, gives you the added motivation to get your trainers on. We also recommend the Holiday Inn Basingstoke if you’re wanting to make a weekend of it.


Run only 3 to 4 days a week

Many newbie runners think that running everyday is good for health. But the truth is, you need to run only 3 to 4 days a week. According to sports experts your body needs time to take rest and get stronger after a run. But if you run daily then your body will not get time to recover fully.


Running Group

One needs to have lots of motivation and commitment to include running in their daily routine. It is a good option to join in a running group or have a running friend. Sometimes you won’t feel to run, but having a running friend who is waiting for you, will push you to get out of your bed and start running. You both will encourage each other when you are not feeling to run.


New runners must start running with many goals and resolutions and the above mentioned running tips for beginners will help you to stay fit and keep you motivated. Make your running very enjoyable and interesting by spicing with lots of varieties. Change your routes and distances everyday. Happy Running!


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