Is your gym membership paying for itself, or do you find it difficult to find the time to use it to the full? It’s a common problem for many people: you pay up and use it a lot early on, but then work and family get in the way, and it becomes good money going to waste. This is one reason why many people are installing gym equipment in the home, and while this is more convenient, it can mean a heavy initial cash outlay. We’ve found a solution, a way in which you can have quality equipment in the home, and not have to pay out hundreds of pounds at once.


We’re talking about renting the equipment, something that a lot more people are choosing to do. There are many advantages to this method in addition to the cost: for example, you can choose to upgrade to newer machinery whenever you want, or rent more machinery and equipment. It’s easy, stress-free and saves you a lot of money when compared to gym membership. The people to talk to are Hire Fitness, a leading player in the business in the UK with a full range of impressive, top quality gym equipment for you to choose from.


Comprehensive Range of Equipment

There are many different types of equipment, and various models, across the range, all at excellent weekly rates. For example, if you want to hire a running machine at Hire Fitness you can choose between a variety of models from deluxe to premium, as well as packages in which you take a treadmill plus an exercise bike. The combination deals are great value, and we recommend you look closely at these.


With a huge variety of home gym equipment including strength equipment, vibration plates and full choice of accessories you can easily equip a home gym for a small outlay, and all you need is the appropriate space to install the machinery and work out. This could be an unused spare room, a cellar room or even a garage, and in apartments you can find a corner of the room suitable for an exercise bike or treadmill.


School and Corporate Hire

Hire Fitness also has deals for equipment hire to schools and corporate gyms, and also offers an affordable rent to buy scheme for those who wish to purchase the equipment eventually. They offer a choice of flexible packages, with short term rental beginning at just four weeks, and are happy to talk to potential customers about specific requirements. Having been in the business of gym equipment hire for 15 years, they ensure that customers get the best equipment available, including some that has been specially designed for the UK domestic market.


You can find all the information at the website: – including prices and hire terms, where you will also find details and specifications of the machinery and accessories so you can choose the right one for your specific needs. Have a look at Hire Fitness and see how you can save money on expensive gym membership fees.


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