Whether you are looking for ways to eat healthier or cut calories, sugar alternatives abound. It is essential that you understand exactly they are and if they are really better for your health or not.


What are sugar alternatives?

Otherwise known as sugar substitutes, sugar alternatives are substances that are used in place of sucrose/sugar when it comes to sweetening of beverages and foods. They are derived from substances that occur naturally such as herbs or even sugar itself. Sugar alternatives are many times much sweeter compared to regular sugar and this is why they are also referred to as intense sweeteners. They sweeten foods without having to add many calories like sugar does. Some of these sugar alternatives have no calories while others are considerably low in calories and are sometimes known as non- caloric sweeteners.


Sugar alternatives have possible health benefits and are much better compared to the regular sugar. One of the main benefits of sugar alternatives is that unlike the common sugar, they don’t cause tooth cavities and decay. Taking sugar alternatives comes with a plethora of benefits including:


Weight Control

This is something that has made sugar alternatives extremely appealing to most people. These sugars are non-nutritive and have no calories. For people trying to prevent weight gain or lose weight, it is essential that you consider taking foods and beverages with sugar alternatives as they have low calories and thus make them a better option. Using sugar alternatives is one of the best ways you can do towards healthy eating.



Another reason that makes sugar alternatives a much better option is the ability of this sugar to prevent diabetes. For people with diabetes, it is essential that they avoid taking the common sugar and replace it with sugar alternatives. The best part about these sugars is that they don’t make the level of your blood sugar to rise. This way, you will be able to keep your blood sugar under check and prevent it from worsening.


With these incredible health benefits, there is no doubt that sugar alternatives are much better for your health. There are various sugar substitutes available on the market such as Aspartame, Saccharin, Acesulfame K, Sucralose, Sugar alcohols and Stevia. The fact that these sugars have no calories makes them attractive alternatives for common sugar and you have every reason in the world why you should consider taking them.


Are sugar alternatives safe?

Sugar alternatives are considered to be some of the safest food additive and you can be sure that they will have more good on your health than bad. However, it is essential that you know about the acceptable daily intake of sugar alternatives just to be sure that you are within the safe limits. According to researchers conducted in the past, there has been no evidence that sugar alternatives can heighten the risk of getting other diseases. For this reason, sugar alternatives are better for your health and it is essential that you consider substituting common sugar with these alternatives.


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    Sugar is the work of the devil! I love it the second it touches my lips but then I go on a big downer for the next hour or so. I try to avoid sugar when I can and these are great suggestions.

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      “Sugar is the work of the devil.” So true, ha!

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    What kind of alternatives are you talking about? Aspartame, stevia, dates, etc? I definitely need to be eating less sugar (especially refined sugar) and would love to know what you like to use (:

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    I must admit, I love cake! I eat too much of the bloody stuff! Great post highlighting an important issue.

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    I’m just like Rich, I love my cake! I’m limiting it at the moment though and training hard!

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    Too much sugar gives me a big high but an even bigger low. I try to avoid high sugar and processed foods.

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    Interesting post! I’m not a huge sugar alternative fan, but I think there can definitely be a role for them. Just like regular sugar, I think the alternatives should also be in moderation.

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    Love all these alternatives!

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