The Suspension Trainer is arguable one of the best pieces of home gym equipment in the market. It is an easy to use piece of kit that allows bodyweight exercises performed in a suspended state.


This piece of kit will help build all round functional strength as well as the ability to target specific muscle groups, if that is your goal. The equipment will also allow you to hone your balance and agility.


What is it?

Now Suspension Trainers can come in various designs and colours. From red, yellow, black, pink and khaki!


In essence it is the breakdown of a typical single-anchor-point. A two handed attachment than allows you to suspend yourself  in many differing positions that allow you to target different muscle groups.


Why is it so good?

The versatility of the trainer is one of its main selling points. Being able to be attached to a doorway, or any stable structure that you could have in your house or garage. As a PT you might attach it to a tree and add some variety into your clients program. As long as it can hold your clients bodyweight and the foot cradles or handles are held and away you go.


There are a number of exercises that you can perform from your suspended state. Such as push-ups, lunges, pull-ups and squats (even one legged if your dare!) to train and condition your body. The trainer also demands that your core is braced, thus helping your functional strength. We do recommend that you ask a qualified gym instructor or PT before use however, just so you can get some guidance! If you’re looking for some training tips or are looking for a career in the fitness industry why give us at Body Aid Solutions at visit.


Another unique point is that the equipment uses minimal space. Being easily stored and kept. Cost wise, it really is a no brainer. The Suspension Trainer is a very affordable piece of kit and lasts forever! So after an initial outlay of £50-£100, it has no cost at all. Compare that over an average gym membership over a year period and its a clear winner! We’d recommend trying the Suspension Trainer from Loxley Sports. It’s only £44.95 and comes complete with straps, carry bag, door anchor, strap extender, instruction guide, door hanger and core exercise cards. It really is a bargain and it’s available to colour ways.


So what are the Benefits of the Suspension Trainer?

  • Cheaper than a gym membership
  • Its Portable, so whether your on holiday or have a client you wish to train at home
  • Flexible design allowing you to train using doorways to trees
  • Varied resistance dependant on position and angle you perform exercises. Giving you tons of progression opportunities
  • Helps not only target specific muscles but trains your core
  • Easy to use
  • You don’t have to be an expert to use it!


Of course like any piece of gym equipment you should seek advice before use from a qualified professional.


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