For most of us, weight loss can be difficult at times. If you are an actor and are presented with money in exchange for weight loss, the motivation should always be there.


Some movie actors lose and gain weight in order to play certain roles and characters. Chris Hemsworth has come along way since his Home and Away days. He piled on the muscle to play Thor in 2011 and has recently lost most of his bulk to play James Hunt in Rush. Chris has a great team of health experts around him so he has gained and lost weight the safe way. His team would consist of a personal trainer and nutritionist to guide him step by step. Some of us don’t have this luxury which is why it’s so important to take your time when approaching weight loss.


Chris Hemsworth lost over 14kg of pure muscle to play James Hunt in Rush. To celebrate the release, Sky Store are offering an all-expenses-paid trip to the Silverstone Grand Prix and are throwing in exclusive pit lane access!


Racing drivers often don’t get the fitness credit that they deserve. They are subjected to extreme heat so hydration and endurance levels must be perfect. Racers can lose up to three litres of water in the cockpit alone. They train immensely hard through a range of cardio training, including swimming and running.


Weight is a huge issue for racers as the car and driver (without fuel) must weigh less than 642kg. This weight has since been upped to 690kg due to next season’s switch to a turbo engine and more powerful recovery system (KERS), which gives the cars an extra boost of power, adding an extra 35kg. Some of the teams are struggling to meet the new minimum. Tall racing drivers like Force India’s Paul Di Resta, stands at 1.85m (around 6’ 1”). He is therefore underweight by around 3-5kg just to meet the new requirement.


Chris was really keen to get his fitness just right because he wanted to avoid a repeat of his experience with Thor. He turned up being too beefy and struggled to fit in to his costume! A racing drivers diet is a mix of carbs, proteins and good fats. Pasta, white rice and potatoes are avoided. Brown rice and quinoa is favoured.


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