One of the benefits of going to a gym is that they have all the fitness equipment you could need in one place. The thing is though, not everyone wants to join a gym or has the time to justify the cost of their membership. This is why many people are looking into buying their own pieces of fitness equipment. This provides much more flexibility and it should also help people to make the most of their time when it comes to keeping fit and getting into shape.



When it comes to getting a great workout, you need to use weights. It is easy to see why some people think that using weights will lead to developing muscles but that is not the case for men or women. Anyone looking to lose fat needs to add a weights element to their fitness regime and dumbbells provide the obvious solution. For the more advanced fitness fanatic, kettle bells are becoming the weights of choice.


Resistance Bands

The reason for adding resistance bands to your equipment list is the fact that they are so versatile. The bands with small loops can help to strengthen your gluts, your hips and your legs. There are also larger bands which can help to provide some much needed power to squatting and they can even help you to carry out chin-ups. The fact that you can impact on your whole body with resistance bands is a very strong reason for adding them to your fitness arsenal.


Chin-up Bar

The impact of chin-ups is very noticeable and with a chin-up bar, you can do them all throughout the day. There are high quality chin-up bars which are reliable and will not mark your doors. Whether you spend a concerted period of time working out with this bar or you decide to do a couple of chin-ups every time you pass the door, this piece of equipment can help you to undertake a lot of activity without it seeming as though you spend all of your time working out.


Exercise Ball

Adding an exercise ball to your workout routine means that you can place more effort and get better results from your regime. The fact that your body has another level of instability means that you will feel uncertain, causing your body to work harder, bringing about better results. Anyone indulging in plans or sit-ups should find that the results from doing these activities with an exercise ball are much better than doing this activity without. Even if you are stuck behind a desk all day, sitting on an exercise ball as opposed to a chair will make a huge impact on your core.


Rowing Machines

If you want to have a cardio piece of equipment, a rowing machine is an excellent choice because it can provide a workout for the whole body. This means that your upper and lower body will receive an aerobic workout, which is ideal for people who want maximum impact with the minimum of time.


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