No matter what sort of sporting activity you like to do, there will be a training regime or programme that will help you to achieve better results. This means that even when you are away from the main sport, you can still develop your core strength which will help you to achieve better results when you perform. This can be very important for sports where you are not able to perform the activity every day. Runners will always be able to find an area where they can run but if your favourite sort of sporting activity is in the water, you may not always be able to train in the water. This is where people that love kayaking or canoeing will benefit from finding training tips for fitness paddlers.


There are a number of stretching and strengthening exercises that will help you to develop your style and performance on land that means that once you get in your kayak, you should be able to get better results. If you are looking to have a better level of power, speed, performance and endurance in a kayak, there are plenty of routines that you can use.


Kayaking is an exciting and interesting hobby to take up but it is important to get as much advice and information as possible. This is why you should visit the specialists and if you are looking for the very best kayaking information, make sure you check out North Shore Water Sports and especially their Dagger Kayaks too.


Work the muscles that are vital

You’ll find that paddling requires a lot of endurance and integrity from the muscles that are located close to the shoulder joint. This means you should focus on improving your biceps, rhomboids and lats as well as providing a focus on your core muscles and your forearms. However, paddling is not just about pulling, there is a lot of pushing involved too and this should always form part of your training regime. You want to be developing your lower back muscles, your pectorals and your triceps to ensure that you get a great all round physique that will help you to push on with paddling.


An upper body pull is a great way to develop strength for paddling and it can be done with dumbbells or barbells. This can be done at home so there is no need to be part of a gym or club. The home version sees a person standing with their feet being a shoulder distance apart, leaning forward while keeping their back straight, bending their knees, holding the weights and then pulling the weights in towards their belly button.


Another good exercise, as the name would suggest, is the paddle drive. This is where you stand facing a cable stack that is loaded with light weights and then pull the weights down towards you. You should be looking to keep your abdominals as tight as possible when working out in this manner.


It is also sensible to practice your paddling technique, which will improve your form but will also help to develop your muscles as well.


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