What Is A Sports Massage?


Sports massage is the manipulation of your soft tissue. A sports massage is a highly effective tool when it comes to flushing out waste products such as lactic acid out of your body.


Sports massage can be used in three different ways that can benefit you as a triathlete. All can help aid recovery, may enhance performance and prevent a dreaded injury.


Pre-event massage will be a slightly lighter than normal sports massage. Its main aim is to ease any tension, promote circulation and improve elasticity of the muscle fibres, ready for that big race or event. By promoting heat, you increase pliability. Think of it like a piece of chewing gum. If it’s frozen or cold it can be snapped, once chewed it becomes elastic – the same as your muscles!


Maintenance massages are exactly what it says on the tin. To maintain muscle length, ensure muscle fibres are not knotted and improve range of movement. Reliving any built-up tension and helping to maintain an even keel, so to speak.


Now a post-event treatment, starts to begin the recovery process. Aiding the body to flush out waste products that have been produced from exercise, helping to relax you and promote recovery by aiding circulation of nutrient rich blood flow to the muscles – helping to repair damaged fibres. An important benefit of any sports massage is also relaxation. This in itself helps put you in a better mind frame and helps you mentally recovery and be ready for your next challenge.


Other benefits include:



Helping to promote the disposal of waste products therefore aiding the body to recover quicker and feel better. So, you can return to full training or events sooner.


Reducing Pain

Sports and Remedial Massage has been known to reduce pain from recovering injuries or tight muscle areas. Making muscles feel warm and pliable, also releasing feel good endorphins.


Injury Prevention

Something we all want to do when competing at any level! When we have a pre-event massage it aids the warm up process. Before any sporting activity, you should complete a warm up. A pre-event massage aids this process. Promoting blood flow and warming the muscles making them pliable and more able to move through a full range of movement. Regularly scheduled sports massages can help reduce the likelihood of the muscles becoming overused and can also help reduce the initial damage and inflammation that leads to the injury in the first place. Generally you will use the same group of muscles within your event and therefore they will become injured and overused, making them like a solid mass!


Improving Performance

Making improvements is the basic reason you train in the sunshine, rain, sleet and snow. Getting in that freezing water and cycling up the steepest hill known to man! In the same frame of mind, that’s the reason sports massage should perhaps be part of your racing routine. Sports massage will enable you to feel warmer, lighter and more flexible beforehand and helping to massage away any nagging aches and pains. Giving you more confidence for the forth coming race. Post-race massage as discussed will help prevent injury and therefore increase performance. As well as aid the recovery process. So you’re ready to go again quicker!


Next Steps

If you would like to know more information or are interested in a career within sports massage therapy, why not give these Body Aid Solutions a ‘shout’ at: https://www.bodyaidsolutions.co.uk/courses/sports-massage/.


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